About Us

<Lustrum> is now recruiting. We are looking for adventurers to complete our growing guild. We are interested in recruiting players from multiple play styles including Raiding, Instances, World PvP and eventually Battlegrounds. With a core group of mature Vanilla veterans, we welcome new and old players to the game. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The two main goals of the Guild are to firstly clear all raiding content in a timely manner and by no means secondary to this we are also here to have a good time doing it with lots of laughs and friendships made or renewed.

Our Raiding Team will consist of balanced mix of classes and roles with room for niche specialisations that add utility and flavour to the raid. You won’t be raiding alongside fifteen other Fury Warriors but you can expect to see a Shadow Priest and Feral Druid on the team. Ultimately we are a team of competent players in a relaxed, but competitive environment.

Like a Phoenix raises from the ashes.

We have once again united friends and family in the defence of Azeroth. Will you prevent Ragnarok’s cleansing of fire? Will you fight back the Scourge and slay Kel’thuzad before the world is entombed in ice?

We understand that it will take some players and certain classes longer on their journey to level 60 than others. We have an active core player base that will be dedicating time to achieving this at a competitive rate, we look to start attunement and raiding as soon as possible.

All of our raid members are in peak physical condition and enjoy raiding in a healthy competitive environment. Players attending the raids come fully (p)repaired with consumables and optimized gear.

Organ donation not needed anymore!

Organ donations are no longer required! Hurray! The initial requirement to join us is simple, you must choose Horde and you must start a character on the correct realm.

All additional guidance is available on our Discord. Raid Membership is via interview with our Class Officers and recruitment into the Guild itself is by duel succession of a best of three series with the Guild Master or nominated Recruitment Officer.

"You can just stay outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters..." Eric Cartman (Oct 2006)


The Following Services Are Available


Discord isn't really ideal for 40 man voice coms and has proven itself to be laggy fairly often. We offer a 128 man TeamSpeak server for you and your friends to Quest / Raid or pew pew.


We run a clone of vanilla-questing.me this is an exact mirror of the main site and is only offered to reduce server load on launch and to keep the guide available in case the site goes down. Visit the Mirror Here


Experimental Wordpress multisite for users to host their own blog content. Coming Soon

Twitch Channel

We hope to eventually run a twitch channel to stream guild Raids & Battlegrounds from. Stream Keys will be available on request for others to stream from the central guild channel. Check the Channel out HERE.

Join Our Discord Server and become part of the community today!